Thank you for your interest in Annapolis Sailing School. When we first started teaching beginners to sail in 1959 we were the only adult sailing school in the country. Now there are many schools from which to choose. We appreciate the fact that you have chosen us and we will work hard to earn your trust.

Sailing is many sports in one, and can be pursued in as intense or casual a manner as you choose. At Annapolis Sailing School our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable introduction to recreational sailing for the whole family. Our approach is low key, relaxed and tailored to make your introduction to sailing a fun experience.

Since 1959 we have introduced literally tens of thousands of students to the fun of sailing. Our unique blend of theory and practice has come to be known as the “Annapolis Way” to learn to sail. We hope you enjoy sailing with us!

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Sailing Lessons

ANNAPOLIS, MD (WUSA)--- Watersports are a big part of life around the Maryland area.  Anyone who has ever been sailing knows it offers some of the best views on the bay. (more...)


Annapolis Sailing School’s instruction reflects our commitment to hands on, experienced-based learning with over 24 courses for all skill levels.
We Make Sailing Fun!